Red Hat Certified System Administrator & Engineer: Training Courses

Red Hat training or certification course is available when an IT professional demonstrates the core system-administration skills needed in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment. There is a need of such training course or certification courses, as it would help an individual to understand the roles and responsibilities for the betterment of an organization.

Tasks performed by RHCSA

Red Hat Certified Administrator certification helps the IT professional in understanding the following tasks:

  • Understand the requirements and important tool that would help to handle the file, command- line environment along with the documentation.
  • Operate running systems, together with booting into different run levels, identifying processes, initiation and halting of virtual machines and controlling services.
  • Arrange local storage using partitions and logical volumes.
  • Create and configure file systems and file system attributes such as permissions, encryption, admittance control lists and complex file systems.
  • Deploy, construct, and maintain systems, counting software installation, modernize and core services.
  • Manage users and groups along with the consumption of a centralized directory for authentication.
  • Manage security, as well as basic firewall and SELinux configuration

The recipient of a Red Hat Certified Engineer certification owns all the knowledge, skill and aptitude required of a senior system administrator accountable for Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.The certification enhances the skills of engineer and makes the person capable to perform following tasks and responsibilities:-

  • Configuration of static routes, packet filtering along with network address translation
  • Setting kernel runtime parameters
  • Construction of simple RPMs
  • Configuring an iSCSI initiator
  • Producing and delivering reports on system utilization
  • Using shell scripting to computerize system maintenance tasks
  • Configuring system logging, together with remote logging

To summarize, Red Hat training courses will help both the administrator and engineer to understand their roles and tasks in order to enhance the development of organization.


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