Most Popular Red Hat Training Courses by Course Monster

In the present times, IT industry is the major employer. However, it is facing a stiff challenge of finding competent people to hire. The ever-evolving technological sector makes it difficult for conventional classroom set ups to teach new developments at same pace as they unfold.

What is the solution to this inherent problem?

According to many employers, certification courses are doing a great job of training people who then can be hired. Instead of waiting for other resources to start courses, companies have come up with arrays of online courses and certification. The most prominent of them is Red Hat Training Courses, which is basically a Linux certification.

Once you get Red hat certification, you become competent to manage, maintain, and troubleshoot the Linux operating system in an actual business environment. There are various courses provided by different vendors and institutions, however, the most reputed among them is Course Monster, which has been training people successfully for long time.

The most popular courses are:

  • Red Hat RHCE: Certification Lab
  • Red Hat: Fast Track to for System Administrators

A Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)is secondary certification obtained after Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA). RHCSAis an elementary level certification, which focuses on system installation and configuration, as well as administration of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. A certified RHCSA passes an EX200, which is a 2.5-hour hands-on lab exam.

Whereas RHCE, focuses on advanced topics, like security and installation of enterprise networking (IP) services.

A RHCE certification can be achieved by passing EX200 and EX300. These exams are comprehensive and provide on hand experience, which is key to employ-ability.

Get your self-certified with Red Hat Training by Course Monster and get among your peers in terms of career opportunities.


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